Wingate Power Testing

The Fit Stop conducts Wingate Power Testing on a Velotron Cycle Ergometer. During this test your will be instructed to pedal as fast as possible for 30 seconds. The pedal resistance load is adjusted to a pre-determined level, which is usually about 45 g/kg body weight (Fleisch) to 75 g/kg body weight (Monark) for adults. Peak power generated, time to reach peak power, mean (average) power, peak rpm, average rpm, and your fatigue index can all be determined from the Wingate power test (definitions click here). This test is especially critical for sprinters and criterion racers. Your measures are compared with other riders to help determine your current strengths and weaknesses in a sprint. Strong sprinters can generate over 1600 watts and well trained sprinters can sustain those higher power outputs for a longer duration.

Below is an example of the results from a Wingate Peak Power Test.   

        Mean Watts: 470                                Mean RPM: 149                             Anaerobic Capacity: 6.9 W/Kg

        Peak Watts: 683                                Peak RPM: 174                              Anaerobic Power: 10.0 W/Kg

        Minimum Watts: 360                          Minimum RPM: 131                        Fatigue Index: 10.9 W/S

        Peak Reached: 0.10 Seconds             Peak Reached: 1.40 seconds          Total Work: 14040.4 Joules      


Mean Watts = The average mechanical power generated throughout the test.

Peak Watts = The highest mechanical power generated during the test. Peak power is generally observed during the first 5 seconds of an all-out effort. (See norms click here) RPM- pedal revolutions per minute. Anaerobic Capacity = This is your mean power output relative to your body weight in kilograms. Anaerobic Power = This is your peak power relative to your body weight in kilograms.

Fatigue Index = This measures the degree of power drop off during the test or the decline in power output from the beginning to the end of the test. This fatigue can be an indicator of anaerobic power. A high peak power and a low fatigue index may indicate a person with good anaerobic power (i.e., high specific fitness).  Peak watts minus minimum watts divided by test duration.

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